Beekeeping Through the Seasons

Here you will find info on the keeping and care of our bees, photos, fun facts, and links to good bee articles/sites.
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In Winter, the bees form a cluster. They continue to keep the queen and each other warm by rotating in/out of the cluster. They eat their stores in the cold months. When it is 50 degrees or warmer, they exit the hive to excrete and get water. When the dandelions begin to bloom, we take off the outer covers. 
In the Spring, they love those early blooming trees and plants!  We love to hear the Spring buzz of the bees. This is also the time that is most critical because they begin to build up the hive and can easily starve if there is not enough natural food sources. 
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Favorite Bee Sites

This takes you to some of the sites that we love! 
Pike's Peak Beekeepers Association
Membership Dues: $15 per family
Quarterly Meetings, Yearly Bee Class, Mentoring, Swarm Removal, Extractor Rental, etc. 
Colorado State Beekeeper's Association
Membership Dues:
Classes, Information and Resources about keeping bees, planting for bees, chemical use to stay away from, etc.
National Honey Board
All about honey!  Great recipes, facts, tips, storage, usage, etc. 

BEE Yourself!  BEE Fabulous!  BEE Happy!

Honey Information